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We are a trusted leader when it comes to security, with proven expertise in a wide range of industries.

Power Security Group provides professional protection services for corporate clients and high-net-worth individuals. A number of our officers currently hold a Clearance with the Department of Defense. Our scope includes events, estate security, persons and property with threats, high threat travel or basic security needs. Power Security Agents and Consultants will assess your needs and recommend tailored solutions to your security concerns. 

Over 50 professional
1000+ satisfied
100+ star academy graduates
California and beyond

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We provide protection and security in both private, commercial and industrial sectors. Thanks to our experience we cant adapt to all of our clients needs


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Unarmed and Armed

let our security guard service give you the safety measures you need

Safety - Consulting

letting the public know that we are there for them maintains a feeling of community and safety.


Patrol Officers can immediately dispatch local law enforcement, paramedics, and fire, with the onboard, digital-radio dispatch system


Crowd Control

With Power Security Group, you'll never be lost in a crowd!
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Patrol officers are the most experienced security personnel in the PSG
Our Services

Traffic Control

Only professionals are good enough for traffic safety
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Alarm Response

We will investigate alarms that are caused by burglars or intruders
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Parking Enforcement

Solve a problem with parking space efficiently
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Front Desk Security

Organization, team work and security
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Clients appreciate what we do​

Learn more about our Academy!

The Power Security Academy was created to fill a void in the security fields to develop training concepts, materials and courses for security guards in an effort to create a standard of security officer training comparable to that of any major law enforcement agency local, state or federal.

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