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Power Security Group is a leading security service company that was founded to protect and provide peace of mind. Our main focus is to offer customized solutions to our clients, delivered by a highly skilled team of professionals.


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We are dedicated to securing your world with unwavering commitment. Our expertly trained personnel and cutting-edge surveillance solutions are the cornerstones of our security services.


Our Security Consulting services offer in-depth risk assessments, thorough security audits, and customized strategies to fortify your security posture.


Our academy is not just a training ground; it’s a launchpad for excellence in the security industry. Benefit from hands-on training, an industry-driven curriculum, and mentorship from seasoned professionals.

We pride ourselves on delivering tailored security solutions across a spectrum of industries. From corporate environments to critical infrastructure, our expertise extends to industries like corporate, medical, educational retail and many more.

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Operational Manager

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Field Manager

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Our Academy

Our academy is dedicated to providing comprehensive and specialized training programs for security guards. With our state-approved status, we ensure that our courses adhere to the highest standards and regulations. Our diverse curriculum covers various aspects of security, including crowd control, emergency response, and surveillance techniques. At Power Security Academy, we are committed to equipping security guards with the skills and knowledge they need to excel in their profession.

The aim of establishing the Power Security Academy was to address a gap in the security industry by creating comprehensive training programs, materials, and courses specifically tailored for security guards. The goal was to establish a standard of training for security officers equivalent to that of major law enforcement agencies at all levels of government.

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