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We are a trusted leader when it comes to security, with proven expertise in a wide range of industries.
Crowd Control
With Power Security Group you'll never be lost in a crowd.
Traffic Control
Only professionals are good enough for traffic control.
Patrol officer the are most experienced security personnel in PSG.
Alarm Response
We will investigate alarms that are caused by burglars or intruders.
Front Desk Security
Organization, team work and security.
Parking Enforcement
Solve a problem with parking space efficiently .

Industries we Serve

From shopping malls to offices, concerts, schools and apartment buildings, and even electrical distribution sites and nuclear power plants. Almost any place that draws a large number of people, or has a resource which needs protection, requires security officers to be present and active.  Some of the areas which require security officers that people often forget about are power plants, gas companies, and other places where society’s resources are stored and distributed.

Also, security officers are needed at special events, spectator sports events and especially campaign events. Security officers act as a way to maintain law and order in areas where lots of people gather or many people filter through on a daily basis; they also serve to protect property in many different venues.

For private users

We can take care of all your private security needs with highest professionalism and respect to your privacy.

For medium companies

We will adapt to all your needs and perform our service to the best of our ability.

For large companies

We can scale our security personnel for even the most demanding jobs. Guarantied the best experience and equipment.

How we work

Performing our goal above and beyond the call of duty is our priority!

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