School Security Guard

School Security Guard

This 24-hour course is designed to meet Senate Bill 1626 training requirement. Emphasis is placed on security awareness as well as understanding the dynamics of student behavior and conflict resolution.

Any employee of a school district who performs any school security functions. We define these functions as providing security services as a watch person, security guard or a patrolperson on or around premises owned or operated by a school district to protect people or property, prevent theft and unlawful taking of district property of any kind. Or, to report any unlawful activity to the district and local law enforcement agencies.

School Security Certification

  • 3-Day Training Consists of 24 Hours of Classroom Lectures
  • Role and Responsibility of School Security Officer (4 hours)
  • Laws and Liability (8 hours)
  • Security Awareness in the Educational Environment (3 hours)
  • Mediation/Conflict Resolution (4 hours)
  • Disasters and Emergencies (1 hour)
  • Dynamics of Student Behavior (3 hours)
  • Examination (1 hour)

All security guards or school security officers employed by a school district more than 20 hours a week must complete SB 1626 training (Business and Professions Code 7583.6 (a&b) and 7583.45)

School Security Guard Procedures:

  • Procedure for Getting a School Security Guard
  • 3-Day Training Consists of 24 Hours of Classroom Lectures

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